About Us

History of Yueng Fatt Corporation

Yueng Fatt Corporation Sdn Bhd ("YF") was founded in 1979 and since then has competed aggressively in the market for supply of construction materials and established a strong customer network in Malaysia. Over time, the Company has gained a reputation for competitive pricing and flexibility in terms of dealing with its customers. The Company prides itself in being able to source for construction materials especially during shortages.

YF currently supplies to various major developers and construction companies, amongst them Sunway Construction Berhad, See Hoy Chan Group of Companies, IJM Construction Sdn Bhd and WCT Group.

We have supplied building materials to various high profile projects such as Putrajaya, Lot Ten, KLCC, Hijauan Kiara, Ayuria Mont Kiara, KL Convention Centre, The Stonor, and also projects from various other developers such as See Hoy Chan, Sunway, Mah Sing, Gamuda, Guocoland, YNH and Brunsfield.

Currently, the Company specializes in supply of steel products such as steel bars and BRC, plywood, cement, bricks, roof tiles, water tanks, concrete products, iron mongeries, plastering products, chipboards and sanitaryware. YF also currently holds several major distributorships in various structural products. We are proud to be associated as major distributors of Amsteel, Southern and Masteel high tensile deformed bars and a major distributor of BRC of Southern Steel Mesh and Kamen Steel.

Despite our wide range of products, YF is a firm believer of product knowledge and a solution-based approach. We do not merely trade or just quote prices but actually educate our customers in regards to the products and focus on solution-based approach, i.e. recommending a product based on your requirement. A further example is our involvement in cut and bend and cut to size projects for both steel bar and BRC. We understand the technicalities involved and the problems in coordination of projects and as such is able to provide our customers with appropriate services and information.

Due to our Company's long history, there are now two division in the Company: Bulk Construction Materials and Hardware Items.Our employees are trained and well versed in the diverse hardware items and are able to recommend suitable material to suit your needs.

Our Company is always on the lookout for new and better quality goods to provide to its customers. Further, we are solution and goal-orientated in terms of our service. We do not merely provide goods but advice and a solution to your construction problems.

'Goods that meet your needs'

Why Choose Us

We have serviced the building industry for almost 40 years. We know what we are doing and how best to help you.

Why Deal With Us

We have years of experience in the industry and is able to solve your problems.

One of the biggest problem of supply is logistics and we have a department that is solely dedicated to arrangement of delivery.

We are proficient in explaining the differences in all our products and also the necessary requirements of local construction methods.

Knowing your needs allows us to serve you

We are a diverse and flexible company who has dealt with many local and international companies from Europe and Asia.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions and service and not only materials.